Pair of Wing Chairs Headingley

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BEFORE. Pair of wing chairs (circa 1920) having given good service (Location – Headingley, Leeds) AFTER. Reupholstered in dralon velvet and trimmed with piping to emphasise unusual shape of arms and wings

Antique Chaise Longue Repolished

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Antique chaise longue, deep buttoned in velvet. Repolished and trimmed with braid

Modern Chair Bramhope


Modern chair (circa 2000) recovered in Laura Ashley fabric. (Location – Bramhope, Leeds)

Lovely Ladies Harrogate


Lovely ladies chair (circa 1870). Family heirloom. Recovered in traditional medallion pattern, in keeping with its age. (Location – Harrogate)

Small Sofa and Chair Ilkley

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Small sofa and chair, for a small room, recovered in chenille (Location – Ilkley)