Leather Topped Writing Desk

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This beautiful desk was in need of a new leather top as it had faded in the sun and become ring marked from drinks. The back had also become faded from it’s position in front of a sunny window and the wood edge had become worn. Other than that it was in excellent condition. Our polishers were able to remove the old leather and strip the back and top section of wood and blend the new finish in with the old perfectly. A new leather top piece was fitted and the desk was restored to its former glory. Its old home was the landing, its new home became pride of place in the living room. Location Roundhay.

Sofa Reupholstery Adel

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Sofa (circa 1920) Seat showing signs of collapse.  Seat re-sprung  Note old bamboo rod reused on seat front edge. (Location – Adel, Leeds)

Cintique Chair Guiseley

Cintique-chair Cintique-chair-2 Cintique-chair-3

Cintique chair (circa 1980) repolished and reupholstered in pale dralon (Location – Guiseley, Leeds)