2 Armchairs

Two armchairs which had been in the family where in need of reupholstering as the fabric had become worn. The chairs were very comfortable, well made and the classic style meant they were worth updating.


The customers chose the floral in the Melrose Collection, a rich warm colour.


Location Roundhay.

Repair to dining chair leg

A split in the leg had made this chair unusable. A trip into the workshop and the chair was reglued and clamped with only minimal visual marks after the repair.

Split in leg Repair after

location, Alwoodly.

Occasional Chair and Footstool

An excellent find in a second hand furniture shop this chair was in excellent condition apart from the cover was tired and the customer wanted to update it to her own style and home.

We kept the original Pullman cushion (sprung interior like a mattress) and reglued a joint on the frame and brought this chair right up to date in one of Moon Fabrics plaids/tweeds. Moon are a local firm in Guisley with some fantastic wool plaids.

Occasional Chair and Footstool After 1

Original cover below.

Occasional Chair and Footstool Before 1

Location Weetwood.

Rare Parker Knoll Chairs

With many years in the business, at first glance we were unsure if these chairs were Parker Knoll as we had never seen any before but our customers father was a designer for Parker Knoll, Robin Howland, and we were assured they were. Possibly a prototype and definitely rare. Robin Howland was one of the designers of the Parker Knoll Drop Arm Sofa, a classic design. (see image at bottom of thread)

Rare Parker Knoll Chairs After 2

The customer chose the fabric  Slub Cherry from The Harrow Range to compliment other furnishings and the style and colour of the wood. Above shows with arm caps, styled to still show the wood and below without. New seat cushion interiors were replaced.

Rare Parker Knoll Chairs After 3

The chairs in original covering showing wear areas on the arms.

Rare Parker Knoll Chairs Before 1

Location Ben Rhydding.

Parker Knoll Drop Arm Sofa

Parker Knoll Drop Arm Sofa designed by Robin Howland.

Ercol Windsor Sofa -Rewebbed

An Ercol Windsor sofa in need of rewebbing. A previous customer called us again as we had rewebbed the other pieces in the suite a few years ago and this one was ok at the time.

Ercol Windsor Sofa Rewebbed After 1

Above showing the webbing redone in the ercol manner at correct tension.

Ercol Windsor Sofa rewebbed Before 2

You can see from the picture above and below, the webbing stretches over time and becomes slack and eventually the webbing will tear.

Ercol Windsor Sofa Rewebbed Before

Location Meanwood.

Ercol Studio Couch

The Ercol Studio Couch is a design classic and very much in vogue at the moment. This couple are lucky enough to have had one for many years and the cushion interiors and the webbing needed replacing. It was brought into the workshops and the webbing was replaced in the ercol manner with Pirelli webbing and templates taken of the foam.

Ercol Studio Couch After

Back home after its renovation with a recent purchase of cushions from M&S in Moon Fabrics tweeds.

Ercol Studio Couch Rewebbed After

Webbing just finished

Ercol Studio Couch with seat and back cushion foam

Showing the foam before being put into original covers.

Location Horsforth.

Dining Table and 6 Chairs

This table had been damaged by a plug in air freshener leaking on the surface and melting the lacquer finish. The whole surface needed to be stripped down and repolished to achieve a perfect new surface.

Dining Table and 6 chairs After

The chairs were becoming tired looking and the customers decided to get these done at the same time to bring the suite back to former glory. The original tones were matched on all the suite as this was a perfect match for built in cabinets and fireplace also in the dining room.

Location Bradford

Cintique Suite

We are often called on to reupholster Cintique Suites as the classic styles and good quality frames mean they are always worth reupholstering. This family in Horsforth were no different. They chose a new fabric from the Coalport range, a diamond pattern dralon. New seat cushion interiors were required as these had worn out and a small repair to one of the seat springs.

Cintique 2x3Seater1Chair After 3


Cintique 2x3Seater1Chair After 4

Location Horsforth, North Leeds

1920’s Suite

A fantastic suite which needed full reupholstery after cat damage to the frame of the suite. The customer wanted to keep the same retro styling so opted for a leather cloth with contrasting cushions.

1920s Green leather cloth after 3


1920s Grean Leather Cloth After

The original Pullman cushions (fully sprung interior like a mattress) were reused to keep this suite as true to the original as possible.

1920s Green Leather Cloth Before

Before showing cat damage and wool mackett cushions.

Location Horsforth