Bridgecraft Suite

A classic 10 cushion style suite from Bridgecraft which the couple had had since they were married. They still loved the style and comfort the suite offered but were beginning to find it a little low. We suggested raising the suite when it was stripped by adding an extra 2″ all the way around the bottom of the frame. A simple but effective solution.


The customers chose a diamond design from the Camden Collection.


Behind the back cushion of one of the chairs we made a “bumper” cushion to reduce the depth of the seat.


Location Cookridge.


Cintique Suite

A classic Cintique suite which we reupholstered in the Camden range -ripple design. We restyled the cushions to make them reversible on the seat by moving the flap detail to the middle rather then the bottom edge. This will enable the customer to turn them and get more wear out of the interiors and fabric over the coming years.



Location Cookridge

Display Cabinet

We were contacted about this display cabinet after the customer saw an image of one we had restored on the website.

Display Cabinet After 1

The cabinet was stripped and repolished to former glory. Location Leeds


Gypsy Table

Our customer had stored the top of the gypsy table seperatley fromt he base and the top had become warped from being in a damp environment. Traditionally the top is loose on a gypsy table and covered in a green felt. The customer wanted to make it into a fixed top and use it as a side table with a polished top.

Gypsy Table Before 3

Gypsy Table Before 2

Gypsy Table Before 1

Searching through the stores of wood, we found a suitable piece of mahogany and used the old piece as a template for the shape to make a new top. The barley legs were stripped and the two pieces polished to match. An unusual eye catching piece.

Gypsy Table After 1

Location Leeds

Antique Sofa

A previous customer contacted us to reupholster the latest purchase to her antique collection. She chose a subtle pale yellow/cream for this elegant piece of furniture.

Antique Sofa After Roundhay

We reupholstered using traditional techniques and materials as restoration of the piece was important for our customer. Location Roundhay.



Dining Flats

A pair of dining flats had become saggy so the customer phoned us for advice. The webs had become stretched over time and the foam had cut through the webs so there was no support or comfort.

Dining Flats After 1

The customers chose a very similar fabric to the old cover from the Harrow range – Hopsack Pearl. We replaced the webs and also added a layer between the webs and foam to stop the same thing happening again. As good as new! Location Headingley.

Ercol Round Drop Leaf Table

A timeless piece by Ercol needed re-polishing after some water damage and general wear and tear and made the wood dull and aged as you can see on the image below.

Ercol Round Drop Leaf Table Before 2

After the table was repolished the colour had come through very orange, and being Ercol lovers ourselves we knew this was not right. We stripped the table again and got it back to the original colour. When we delivered the table back to our customer we explained what had happened. She said the table had been polished some years previously by someone else and had come back too orange. This stain had come back through when we did our first repolish so we were very pleased we were able to get it back to the true Ercol finish she originally had when it was first purchased.

Ercol Round Drop Leaf Table After 1

Location Horsforth

Antique Slipper Chair

A previous customer contacted us to reupholster another item for her home. Although she now lived in Whitby she was able to fit the chair in her car and bring it to us for restoration. The chair was stripped back to its frame and was repolished.

Antique Slipper Chair Before

The customer chose a fabric from The Conway collection with a bold medallion design which suited the chairs proportions perfectly. The chair was reupholstered using traditional materials of jute webbing, horse hair and cotton wadding to rebuild the seat and was finished with brass renaissance studs.

Antique Slipper Chair After 3

A lovely chair, which looks as amazing at the back as it does the front.

Antique Slipper Chair After 2

Location Whitby

Antique Carver Chair & 4 New Cushions

This antique carver chair needed stripping down and repolishing before the new upholstery was fixed in place. The webbing was all replaced using traditional materials of jute webbing, horse hair and cotton wadding. The customer chose a cream diamond design from the Faremont range, a favourite range for small antiques.

Antique Carver Chair After 1

We also made four new cushions with new interiors for the customer in a cream from The Harrow range using a template from one of her old cushions.

4 New Cusions

Location Leeds

2 Seater Sofa

A classic shape 2 seater sofa in need of new reupholstery and cushion interiors. We had done reupholstery work for this customer before for their living room suite. We restyled the suite and removed the valance giving a cleaner line.

2 Seater Sofa Before

The customer chose a navy diamond fabric to compliment other furnishings.

2 Seater Sofa After 1

Location Thackley, Bradford.