Repairs to fabric on suite

This customer absolutely loved the fabric on her suite which also had 2 sets of matching curtains at each end of her through dining and living room. She was loathed to change the fabric and wondered if we could do anything. There was a tear in a side panel of a back cushion but a more visible problem was on the lugs of the seat cushion of one of the chairs. The fabric had begun to rip.

Repairs to fabric on suite Aftre Cookridge (1)

Our only option was to strip the back panel from the sofa which thankfully was always against a wall and we just had enough to make one seat cushion which had to have 2 seams as you can see above. Below shows a blue fabric from the Pimlico range which matched in with the blue in the pattern.

Repairs to fabric on suite Aftre Cookridge (3)

No one would know unless they looked for the back panel and the seams.

Repairs to fabric on suite Aftre Cookridge (2)

Location Cookridge.




Reupholstery of Classic Queen Anne Wing Chair

A classic queen anne wing chair given a totally new look when its reupholstered in chocolate brown leather with a contrasting orange crushed chenille from the Pastiche range.

Queen Anne Classic Before 1

The feather seat cushion in orange gives a dramatic wow factor to this chair. Our customer sometimes uses the chair without the cushion so we did a full leather seat rather than a fabric seat.

Queen Anne Classic After (2)

Location Bradford.


Furniture Restoration – Pair Of Antique Nursing Chairs in Leeds

A pair of chairs in need of some restoration. You can see the seat area has sagged, which is a common problem with antiques. We stripped the frames ready for polishing before we renewed the reupholstery.

Pair of Antique Nursing Chairs Before 1

The customer chose fabric from the pastiche range and a complementary braid to keep the style close to the original. We reupholstered in the traditional manner to achieve a gentle dome on the seats. A wonderful pair of chairs again.

Pair of Antique Nursing chairs after (1)

Location Leeds


New Foam Interiors in Leeds

These large cushions from a sofa were originally a Dacron fill and had become very soft and offered no support.

New cushion interiors (1)

We removed the old interiors and replaced with cut to size foam pieces that you can see at the bottom of the stack below. Using a soft foam we were able to achieve the comfort our customer wanted.

New cushion interiors (2)

Location Farsley.

Upholstery of Multiyork Loose Cover Sofas Restyle

Two 2 seater sofas from Multiyork with white loose covers which had become stained over time and had also shrunk with washing needed to be replaced. The covers of the frame were too tight to get on and off so our customer opted to restyle the covers to fixed reupholstery.

Multiyork white loose covers before Adel (2)

Our customer had looked at fabrics on our online fabric pages so had an idea of a few styles she liked. She opted for the blue floral in the Eleganza range. The colour worked really well with her curtains and the rest of the suite which we had reupholstered some years ago for her. You can see the other pieces in the plain blue velvet in the images below.

multiyork loose cover conversion to fixed after adel  (1)

The interiors were still fine and the customer did not want to change the comfort of the feather cushions.

multiyork loose cover conversion to fixed after adel  (4)

A classic shape sofa with a bold velvet print, truly stunning.

multiyork loose cover conversion to fixed after adel  (5)

Location Adel, Leeds


Upholstery of Corner Unit Sofa in North Leeds

This hand made, oak frame corner unit was made by the owners father when studying many years ago. Her mother had done the reupholstery many years ago too. The style is so modern it could have been purchased at some where like BoConcept today. Her father had re-oiled the oak and re-webbed the seating before we did the reupholstery.

Hand Made Oak Frame Modular Sofa Before

Some cushions had been lost over the years but all the interiors needed to be replaced anyway so this was not a problem.

The customers chose a linen slub look in grey from the Harrow range to complement other furnishings and to achieve a truly modern look. New bolster cushions were made and the suite looks fantastic.

Hand Made Oak Frame Modular corner Suite After Cookridge

They also had a shell chair, the surviving one of a pair, which they wanted to upholster in the same fabric.

Shell Chair Before

A new seat interior was needed and the retro shell chair is given a new lease of life.

Shell Chair After Cookridge

Location Cookridge, North Leeds



Ercol Windsor Suite

Our upholsterers skill were required with the good old favourite Ercol Windsor Suite. A favourite with this customer who still loved the style and comfort but the covers were no longer holding their looks. The interiors were all still in very good condition, despite its age so these were reused.

Ercol Windsor 2 seater 2xChairs Before 2

The webbing on the full suite needed replacing as it had all stretched and torn in places.

Ercol Windsor 2 seater 2xChairs Before 3

The full suite comprised of a 2 seater, 2 chairs and footstool (not pictured)

Ercol Windsor 2 seater 2xChairs Before

below shows the new Pirelli webbing, nice and taught, done in the Ercol style.

Ercol Windsor 2 seater 2xChairs Webbing After 1

The customer wanted to keep a light fabric and opted for one with a self coloured pattern to complement the carpets.

Ercol Windsor Suite After (1)

A fresh new look for this Ercol classic.

Ercol Windsor Suite After (2)

Ercol Windsor Suite After (3)

Location Cookridge

Conservatory Suite Cushions

A conservatory suite whose covers were faded from the UV rays needed new covers making. Below shows old covers.

Conservatory Cushions Before Cookridge

The customers chose a similar pattern from an SMD range and new seat interiors to restore the feel of the suite to previous comfort.

Conservatory cushions after Cookridge

Some webbing on the frame of the suite needed replacing as this was torn from age and rubbing on the frame. We made a slight alteration to reduce the friction to improve the life of the webbing.

Location Cookridge, Leeds

Pair of Rocking Chairs

A pair of rocking chairs with worn fabric given a fresh new look.

Conservatory Chairs Loose Cushions Before

Our customers chose a bold pattern from the SMD range, Clarissa, which suits the chairs and other decorations.

Conservatory Chairs Loose Cushion After

Location Leeds

Cintique Arm Chairs and Sofa

A couple who recently moved into the area called for advice about whether it was worth reupholstering their two Cintique arm chairs. We called in to assess the furniture and it was a resounding yes. The covers were tired but that was all. We also spoke about recovering the sofa which they opted to do in the end. Below shows the sofa with its loose covers off and the first pieces of fabric cut to size for the frame work.

Cintique arm chairs and sofa before Meanwood (1)

The chairs in old fabric, back cushion has been stripped to make template for new covers.

Cintique arm chairs and sofa before Meanwood (2)

The chair finished in The Melrose collection, colour henna diamond with a plain contrast piping to tie into the sofa below.

Cintique Arm  Chairs and Sofa After Meanwood (4)

Cintique Arm  Chairs and Sofa After Meanwood (6)

The full suite together of 2 chairs and sofa in the workshop waiting to be delivered.

Cintique Arm  Chairs and Sofa After Meanwood (7)

Location Meanwood