Dining Chair Repair in Otley

The backs of these two dining chairs needed to be rejointed. the joints had come away so we took the frame apart and refixed as good as new.

Dining Chair frames for rejointing repair After Otley

Location Otley

DFS Suite for Reupholstery in Garforth

A striking suite which had served around 15 years was beginning to show its age. The whole room was going to be redecorated so the fabric for the suite could steel the show. A mix of three fabrics from the Conway range was used to create the desired effect.

DFS Suite before for Reupholstery. Garforth

The cushions on the suite were all done in the broad stripe oyster and the frame in the medallion oyster with a plain piping throughout. The scatter cushions (not pictured) were done one side medallion and the other stripe so they could be mixed and matched throughout the suite. As the fabric was very light, we also made arm covers and seat covers to help prolong the life of the fabric.

DFS suite after for reupholstery garforth (1)

The wooden frame was cleaned down to bring back its shine and a steam burn was removed from the bottom edge of the frame on the sofa. New fibre seat interiors were made and the backs topped up where needed. One of the chair frames needed some minor repairs while it was stripped down as the back support rail had twisted.

DFS suite after for reupholstery garforth (2)

A really striking and bold finish to this suite, looking fantastic on the new floor and against the curtains.

DFS suite after for reupholstery garforth (3)

Location Garforth.


Bridgecraft Suite Reupholstered in Garforth

A customer who loved his Bridgecraft suite and knew he had a quality piece of furniture came to us for our reupholstery service. The Coalport range of fabrics is very well suited to the style and the customer chose the floral and plain green to have a contrast pattern cushion to plain body of the suite.

Bridgecraft Suit for Upholstery After garforth (1)

Both seat and back cushions were replaced with new interiors and arm caps to help prolong the life of the new covers. A good classic style that holds its looks, year after year.

Bridgecraft Suit for Upholstery After garforth (2)

Location Garforth.

Suite for Upholstery and Build a New Chair Frame

The couple called us in to look at their suite. The covers had become tired and needed to be replaced, along with the seat foam. When they bought the suite some years ago from a local manufacturer they opted for 2 different style chairs, you can see the difference from the two images below. They preferred the wing style chair  and the slight difference in sizes meant that the non-winged version could not fit in the window position.

3 piece suite reupholstery north leeds with new frame (2)

3 piece suite reupholstery north leeds with new frame (3)

We offered the solution of making a new frame, copying the original when it was stripped in the workshop.  Below shows the frame of the winged chair waiting to go to the frame makers.

3 piece suite reupholstery north leeds with new frame

The couple chose a terracotta boucle effect chenille to complement other furnishings in the room. The bun feet were repolished as over the years the colours no longer matched and had become dull.

3 piece suite reupholstery north leeds with new frame (7)

The new chair below with wings.

3 piece suite reupholstery north leeds with new frame (1)

Location Roundhay, Leeds

New Foam for Leather Cushions, Bradford

The old foam offered no support in these leather cushions anymore. The customer chose a soft feel foam and we refilled them, making a massive difference in the support of the suite.

New foam interior for leather cushion during filling

Above showing the filling process. Below the finished cushions ready to go back to the customer.

New foam interior for leather cushion once filled

Location Bradford


Piano Stool Reupholstery in Garforth Leeds

A previous customer required our services again to reupholster his piano stool. Ideally he wanted the same fabric as his antique chair which was now in the same room. Thankfully the fabric was still current from the Pimlico range. He chose a complimentary braid to keep as close to the original as possible.

Piano Stool After Garforth

Location Garforth Leeds

Headboard Reupholstery in Customers Own Cover, Leeds

The customer had her own fabric and needed our skills to reupholster the headboard to match new decorations in the room. A rich effect was created with the deep buttoning and the style of fabric. We also supplied 2 scatter cushions to match.

Headboard and Matching Scatter Cushions Reupholstered Leeds (1)

Location North Leeds


Ercol Easy Chair Rewebbed in Leeds

A classic ercol easy chair needed rewebbing. The webs become stretched and torn with age and use. We strip out the old and replace with Pirelli webbing, carrying out the repair in the traditional ercol manner.

Ercol Easy Chair Rewebbed 1

The customer was very happy with the work and is planning on new reupholstery in the future.

Ercol Easy Chair Rewebbed 2

Location Leeds

Cottage Chairs Reupholstered to Match New Drop Arm Sofa, Bradford

A couple who lived close to our wharehouse in Thackley came in to see if we could help with reupholstering 2 chairs and supplying a drop arm sofa from our retail section. We had just the thing from one of our suppliers, Royams. the Gisburn sofa is a drop arm sofa so you can lay down for a little snooze in the day.

Cottage Chair for Reupholstery Before Thackley Braford

The cottage style chairs were comfortable but  were a little too low and the fabric was torn in places and they wanted to refresh the room. We addressed the height of the chairs by increasing the thickness of the seat cushion and added a couple of inches to make the chairs easier to get out of. We were able to specify the fabrics on the new sofa and use the same ones on the two chairs. This created a full suite with a plain and striking complementary red floral.

Cottage Chair for Reupholstery After Thackley Braford (1)

New sofa above and customers own cottage chairs below. We ordered extra cushions which could then go on the two chairs to tie the look together.

Cottage Chair for Reupholstery After Thackley Braford (2)

Cottage Chair for Reupholstery After Thackley Braford (3)

Location Thackley, Bradford


Reupholstered Dining Chairs in Bradford

We reupholster lots of dining chairs as they are often part of a larger dining suite of table and sideboards so when they become tired we can revitalise the full suite with reupholstery. Below image shows the fabric has become tired.

6 dining chairs before Baildon (1)

The customer came with swatches of carpet and wall colours to match a suitable neutral beige colour. Often the most difficult colour to choose as there are so many options. Samples were ordered to see the fabric in the room as the light in the room effects all colours.

6 Dining Chairs After Baildon (1)

The full set of six chairs completed with a single for close up. The foam was replaced on the seats to give more comfort.

6 Dining Chairs After Baildon (3)

Location Baildon, Bradford