Chair for Upholstery in Leeds

A small bedroom chair used regularly at a computer desk in need of a new seat! You can see the seat has collapsed as the webbing had perished and the foam disappeared into the hole.

Small chair for reupholstery Adel Leeds (1)

The customer chose a mink from the Pimlico range and we kept the same styling of piping etc. The chair is now usable again and comfortable.

Small chair for reupholstery Adel Leeds (2)

Location Adel, Leeds

Seat Repair to Fixed Leather Cushion Sofa

A really common problem which we often get called about is that after a relatively short number of years peoples cushions start to sag in an area and they lean into the middle of the sofa. It gives you back ache and is very uncomfortable.

You can see from the image below how the middle of the cushion is sagging .

Seat Repair to Fixed Leather Cushion Sofa Leeds  (2)

We have replaced the foam in this suite and used a technique to try to reduce it from happening so quickly again in the future. We also use a better grade foam which again should help with the problem.

Seat Repair to Fixed Leather Cushion Sofa Leeds  (3)

The sofa is put back together and you can see the seat is again flat, although the leather has stretched in the area. The sofa is returned with instructions to try to move around and use all the area of the foam to encourage even wear as you can not turn and swap cushions around on this style of suite.

Location Leeds

Ercol Buttoned Cushions for New Foam

A previous customer called us in again, this time to replace a set of foam interiors in their Ercol suite which no longer gave the comfort or support required. The style of cushion on the Windsor suite is buttoned so once the foam was replaced the cushions needed to be rebuttoned. You can see from the image below the old interiors on the right and the new interiors back in their covers and rebuttoned on the left.

Ercol Button Cushions New Foam Supplied Meanwood (1)

Location Meanwood, Leeds.

Dining Chair Reupholstery in Leeds

Our customer needed a more stable dining chair and purchased this some time ago. It was found to be suitable but wanted it to match other furniture in the room so we reupholstered in a purple tweed to match the other dining chairs.

Dining chair reupholster leeds (1)

More foam was added to the seat as it is used for long periods.

Dining chair reupholster leeds (2)

Location Cookridge, Leeds

Upholstery of Parker Knoll Chairs in Leeds

Two fantastic Parker Knoll chairs with a lovely low arm and polished leg. The customer chose a fabric from a new range of linen look fabrics in a pale grey to make these chairs real statements.

2 Parker Knoll Chairs and footstools upholsterer leeds (3)

The two footstools were modernised by removing the braid and tying together with the self pipe on the chair cushions. New foam interiors were needed for the seats as the old ones had perished with age.

2 Parker Knoll Chairs and footstools upholsterer leeds (1)

Location Beeston Leeds

New Cushion Covers

A good way to freshen up a scatter back sofa is to make a few new covers for some of the cushions. The leaf design had white and brown colourings which picked up the colours on the rest of the original suite.  The 4 small scatters on each arm were new as the customer always felt she needed a couple more to really snuggle up and make a nest.



Location Shadwell Leeds

Zig Zag Spring Repair In Leeds

The picture below shows the underside of a very comfortable recliner chair our customer has had for a number of years. You can just see where the second from left spring has come adrift from its fixing and is hanging loose. The third from left spring was replaced a year ago and looks different from the rest. The customer opted for us to replace all springs and fixings to reduce the chance of another one popping in the near future. Comfort restored!


Location Cookridge, Leeds

Reupholstery and Polishing of Suite in Rawdon

We previously recovered this suite some 10+ years ago and the covers were tired and worn and needed replacing. The chunky wooden frame was still sound although the arms had become faded due to wear and these were repolished to freshen  up the suite. New foam interiors were also required and the customers chose a bold terracotta floral pattern which really suited the dark wood.


Sofa pictured above plus 2 arm chairs and footstool.

Location Rawdon


Furniture Repair in Leeds

The underbottom of the sofa had become mildew stained and needed replacing. We took it into the workshops and stripped it down, checking all the other materials inside the sofa were not effected before replacing the underbottom with new lining.

Furniture Repair Leeds

Location Leeds

Dining Chair Reupholstery in Leeds

Our customer called us in to help with her dining chairs. They had become faded on the seat from cleaning due to a young family and she wanted something that could wipe clean. A leather cloth was the best option and the contrast to the back panel of the chair made the new seats a feature.

Dining chair Recover Shadwell Leeds (3)

The part recover of 6 chairs could keep the cost down and make the chairs much more presentable and easier for future cleaning.

Dining chair Recover Shadwell Leeds (1)

Dining chairs are often part of a full set of dining furniture so reupholstering the seat pads and/or back pads can freshen up and give a whole new look to your dining room without having to replace the whole suite.

Dining chair Recover Shadwell Leeds (4)

Location Shadwell, Leeds