Spring Repair and New Foam, Bramhope Leeds

We were called in to advise this customer as the seat was collapsing on his arm chair. A classic style suite and we found two problems. Firstly there was atleast one spring broken in the seat and the foam in the seat cushion was no longer giving any support. The two problems together meant a very uncomfortable chair.

Spring Repair and New Interior Leeds (2)

When we opened up the seat of the chair we found two springs were broken. We were able to remove the broken springs and graft in two new springs. Picture shows the coil springs which we removed. The picture above shows the new foam interior and comfort is fully restored.

Spring Repair and New Interior Leeds (3)

Location Bramhope, Leeds

Parker Knoll Wing Chair and Gout Stools for Reupholstery in Huby

A much loved and comfortable wing chair whose covers were ready to be replaced. They chose a pale blue green linen look to compliment the other furnishings in the room and the piece of furniture.

Parker Knoll Chair and Gout Stools for Upholstery Huby

The two gout stools below were also done to match after they were stripped and repolished. Matching arm caps and head rest as before with a new seat interior.

Parker Knoll Chair and 2 Gout Stools Reupholstery and Polishing in Huby (1)

Location Huby, North Yorkshire

Nursing Chair for Renovation and Recover, Ilkley

A family heirloom which was going to be handed to the next generation, it just needed a littleTLC. We stripped the seat out as this had collapsed and gave it a fresh coat of paint.

Nursing chair for refurbishment and reupholstery ilkley

The fabric for the seat is from the Pimlico range, colour chalk to keep this chair looking clean and simple. We had to restyle the seat to get a nice clean edge to achieve the best possible result.

Nursing Chair for refurbishment Ilkley (2)

Location Ilkley

Ligne Roset Suite for Reupholstery, Pudsey Leeds

A very comfortable stylish Ligne Roset Suite whose original covers were starting to show signs of wear. It was originally in an off white suede effect and the customers wanted to change to leather. The seats and backs needed new foams and these were shaped to copy the originals. The arm foams were still ok and these didn’t need to be replaced.

Ligne Roset Suite for Upholstery Leeds

The customers chose an ivory leather from our Wildman and Bugby range which had a smooth grain.


Lovely suite and well worth investing in. We made an alteration to the seat cushions on the sofa so that these could be changed over to increase the life span of the foam as on the original design you couldn’t rotate them.

Ligne Roset Suite After

Location Pudsey, Leeds

Cintique Chairs Reupholstered and Polished, Rawdon, Leeds

Cintique chairs are always worth reupholstering. People who have them always find them comfortable and they feel soft yet supportive. The polished frame is always well made and stands the test of time. This frame was showing its age, exaggerated by the sun, and the customer opted to have both fully stripped and  repolished.

Cintique arm chair for reupholstery and polishing rawdon (2)

Picture showing original covers which were looking tired and worn.

Cintique arm chair for reupholstery and polishing rawdon (1)

The customer chose a boucle chenille to complement other furnishings and the wood. We replaced the seat and back foam as this was perishing with age.

Cintique Arm Chair reupholstery and polishing (2)

Close up of the polishing, back to how it originally looked

Cintique Arm Chair reupholstery and polishing (1)

Chair back home in its sunny position with customers own scatter cushion which we were matching the fabric to as this matched the curtains.

Cintique Chairs for Reuphoslery and Poliahing Rawdon (1)

Location Rawdon

Single Chair for Reupholstery in Leeds

Arranging to drop off two other chairs for our customer  which we had just completed she wanted us to do a third for the room which was damaged badly by a house cat. The polishing was still in good condition so we just replaced the foam interiors and fabric.

Chair for Reupholstery Leeds (2)

The customer chose a grey linen look from a new range which is proving really popular, the same as she chose for the 2 Parker Knoll chairs just completed.

Chair Reupholstery Leeds

Location Leeds