Dining Chair Reupholstery Leeds

Six Oak dining chairs needed new seat covers as the old faux leather had peeled. We stripped and recovered in a similar colour to make them like new.

Dining-Chair-Recover-Leeds (2) WEB Before

Dining-Chair-Recover-Leeds (1) WEB After

Location Leeds

Cottage Style Suite Reupholstery East Leeds

A much loved suite that fitted perfectly in our customers home and they did not want to part with it. A renovation to the lounge meant the suite got the same treatment.

Cottage-Style-Suite-Reupholstery-East-Leeds (2) WEBBefore

New foam interiors were required on the seats and backs and a lovely warm terracotta orange chenille was chosen to give it a fresh new look. The suite was rebuttoned in the same style but a self pipe was decided on rather than a contrast as before.

Cottage-Style-Suite-Reupholstery-East-Leeds (4) WEB     Cottage-Style-Suite-Reupholstery-East-Leeds (1)WEB After

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Location East Leeds

Conservatory Suite Reupholstery Leeds

A conservatory suite we recovered in an ivory flat weave fabric. Hopefully the sun bleaching won’t show up on this! By choosing paler colours the inevitable bleaching will not be as apparent over time. Many more years of service for this cane suite now the covers have been remade with new interiors. We can also reweb the bases if these have become slack or torn with use and time.

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Conservatory-Suite-Covers-Leeds (2) WEB

Location Leeds

French Polishing

This collection of drawers and cabinets were all part of a house renovation in Otley. Various repairs were needed to veneers where they had been damaged and they all needed repolishing. Some lovely pieces, full of character.

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Chest-of-Drawers-French-Polishing-Otley (7)-WEB Chest-of-Drawers-French-Polishing-Otley (6)-WEB Chest-of-Drawers-French-Polishing-Otley (5)-WEB Chest-of-Drawers-French-Polishing-Otley (3)-WEB Chest-of-Drawers-French-Polishing-Otley (1)-WEB

Location Otley

Modern Chaise Reupholstery Leeds

A modern chaise which our customer wanted to move up to their newly finished bedroom. It had a broken leg which we could fix once it was stripped down. A modern crushed velvet in a dark grey makes a bold statement on the silver grey carpet. Have a look at our other examples of reupholstery work.

Chaise-Reupholstery-Cookridge (1)-WEB

Location Cookridge

Chair Collection and Table for Reupholstery and Polishing in Horsforth

This great collection of old chairs from various times and construction techniques were beautifully restored. Some needed some frame work repairs and others just polishing. The fabric on the two small arm chairs was a striped damask with the velvet pipe that was used on the other chairs, two very different fabrics but they worked well on all the chairs. The table was stripped and polished back to how our customer remembers it as a child.

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Chairs-and-Table-Reupholstery-and-French-Polishing-Horsforth (1)-WEB Chairs-and-Table-Reupholstery-and-French-Polishing-Horsforth (2)-WEB Chairs-and-Table-Reupholstery-and-French-Polishing-Horsforth (3)-WEB Chairs-and-Table-Reupholstery-and-French-Polishing-Horsforth (4)-WEB

Location Horsforth



Floppy Style Armchair Reupholstery in Leeds

A much loved chair that our customer loved and did not want to part with but it needed reupholstering as the covers were worn and the interiors had compressed over time and needed replacing. We also suggested arm caps to protect the arms to prolong the life of the chair. The customer chose a chenille which complimented the other furniture and décor.

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Armchair-recover-Leeds WEB

Location Leeds

Coffee Table Repolishing Leeds

A lovely coffee table with beautiful inlay and veneer work which we repolished for our customer. In this instance the glass was ok and was removed during transport. we can replace glass panels if required due to scratches or if they get broken.

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Coffee-Table-French-Polishing-Leeds (1)WEB Coffee-Table-French-Polishing-Leeds (2)WEB

Location Leeds