Ercol Furniture and Abbey Upholstery

Abbey Upholstery and French Polishing has always enjoyed the beauty of good designs.
Ercol Furniture was founded in 1907 in High Wycombe and has always made top quality furniture with a unique style equally at home in the contemporary or traditional setting.

It is elegant, built to last in design but yet very sturdy and will give you a lifetime of pleasure. Certainly, it must be one of the UK’s top Brands.

When we reupholster, repolish or restore Ercol Furniture, be it sofas chairs, dining tables and chairs, sideboards, coffee tables or t.v stands, we restore carefully in sympathy to the original Ercol standard. We work hard at replicating the original finish. It should not look too shiny but have that gentle Ercol sheen.

Likewise when we replace the Ercol pirelli webbing on chairs and sofas we prefer to ‘do it the ercol way’ by running
the webs round a dowel from the underneath. Yes it is a bit more expensive that way, but surely Ercol furniture
deserves it.

New cushion interiors likewise – we recommend grades of foam be they firm, medium or soft to give you long life and
healthy support and make it as good as new – that is guaranteed. There is one exception we have found with the Ercol Renaissance sofa and chairs. Ercol produced this suite with a choice of fibre seat cushions. On this model, most customers request we replace those interiors with a foam interior – We generally replace this with an FR40s grade so it does not feel too hard. Feedback from our customers is that this works very well so we shall continue using this method.

We’ve included a few examples below but you can see our impressive catalogue of previous Ercol restoration here.

Please contact us here or call us on our helpline to discuss your Ercol furniture.