Parker Knoll

As Upholsterers and polishers, we are established some 40 years and are members of The Association of Master Upholsterers Federation.

Our Upholsters and Polishers are trained up to and beyond Parker Knoll Standard since we were contracted to assist Parker Knoll when they had an excess of orders they could not cope with in their own factory for a period of time in the past.

Like Parker Knoll we are passionate about our quality of work and we hope our love of furniture shines through all our work. Parker Knoll furniture is of such a high quality that it is always worth doing and restores very well. By using modern fabrics you can choose something to compliment your other furniture or we have plenty of classic styles too.

You may be buying  a new suite but you can’t imagine parting with your favourite arm chair or it may have been handed down in the family and you want to put your own style on a classic piece. If that’s you then please get in touch to see what we can do and have a look at some examples of our  Parker Knoll Reupholstery work to see some before and after pictures.

Please contact us here for more information or call our helpline to discuss your furniture.