Ercol Windsor Chairs for Reupholstery and Webs Leeds

Ercol Windsor Chairs for Reupholstery and Webs Leeds (2)

As Ercol specialists we always love these jobs. The bottom picture shows the webs sagging and torn with age and these were replaced with Pirelli webbing and using traditional techniques in keeping with the Ercol style.

The customer chose a bold leaf pattern in beige and cream which really suits these chairs. new seat interiors were supplied as these no longer offered the right support and comfort.

Ercol Windsor Chairs for Reupholstery and Webs Leeds (5)

Ercol Windsor chair reweb leeds (1)

Location North Leeds

Ercol Buttoned Cushions for New Foam

A previous customer called us in again, this time to replace a set of foam interiors in their Ercol suite which no longer gave the comfort or support required. The style of cushion on the Windsor suite is buttoned so once the foam was replaced the cushions needed to be rebuttoned. You can see from the image below the old interiors on the right and the new interiors back in their covers and rebuttoned on the left.

Ercol Button Cushions New Foam Supplied Meanwood (1)

Location Meanwood, Leeds.

Ercol Easy Chair Rewebbed in Leeds

A classic ercol easy chair needed rewebbing. The webs become stretched and torn with age and use. We strip out the old and replace with Pirelli webbing, carrying out the repair in the traditional ercol manner.

Ercol Easy Chair Rewebbed 1

The customer was very happy with the work and is planning on new reupholstery in the future.

Ercol Easy Chair Rewebbed 2

Location Leeds

Ercol Windsor Suite

Our upholsterers skill were required with the good old favourite Ercol Windsor Suite. A favourite with this customer who still loved the style and comfort but the covers were no longer holding their looks. The interiors were all still in very good condition, despite its age so these were reused.

Ercol Windsor 2 seater 2xChairs Before 2

The webbing on the full suite needed replacing as it had all stretched and torn in places.

Ercol Windsor 2 seater 2xChairs Before 3

The full suite comprised of a 2 seater, 2 chairs and footstool (not pictured)

Ercol Windsor 2 seater 2xChairs Before

below shows the new Pirelli webbing, nice and taught, done in the Ercol style.

Ercol Windsor 2 seater 2xChairs Webbing After 1

The customer wanted to keep a light fabric and opted for one with a self coloured pattern to complement the carpets.

Ercol Windsor Suite After (1)

A fresh new look for this Ercol classic.

Ercol Windsor Suite After (2)

Ercol Windsor Suite After (3)

Location Cookridge

Ercol Round Drop Leaf Table

A timeless piece by Ercol needed re-polishing after some water damage and general wear and tear and made the wood dull and aged as you can see on the image below.

Ercol Round Drop Leaf Table Before 2

After the table was repolished the colour had come through very orange, and being Ercol lovers ourselves we knew this was not right. We stripped the table again and got it back to the original colour. When we delivered the table back to our customer we explained what had happened. She said the table had been polished some years previously by someone else and had come back too orange. This stain had come back through when we did our first repolish so we were very pleased we were able to get it back to the true Ercol finish she originally had when it was first purchased.

Ercol Round Drop Leaf Table After 1

Location Horsforth

Ercol Windsor Sofa -Rewebbed

An Ercol Windsor sofa in need of rewebbing. A previous customer called us again as we had rewebbed the other pieces in the suite a few years ago and this one was ok at the time.

Ercol Windsor Sofa Rewebbed After 1

Above showing the webbing redone in the ercol manner at correct tension.

Ercol Windsor Sofa rewebbed Before 2

You can see from the picture above and below, the webbing stretches over time and becomes slack and eventually the webbing will tear.

Ercol Windsor Sofa Rewebbed Before

Location Meanwood.

Ercol Studio Couch

The Ercol Studio Couch is a design classic and very much in vogue at the moment. This couple are lucky enough to have had one for many years and the cushion interiors and the webbing needed replacing. It was brought into the workshops and the webbing was replaced in the ercol manner with Pirelli webbing and templates taken of the foam.

Ercol Studio Couch After

Back home after its renovation with a recent purchase of cushions from M&S in Moon Fabrics tweeds.

Ercol Studio Couch Rewebbed After

Webbing just finished

Ercol Studio Couch with seat and back cushion foam

Showing the foam before being put into original covers.

Location Horsforth.