Spring Repair and New Foam, Bramhope Leeds

We were called in to advise this customer as the seat was collapsing on his arm chair. A classic style suite and we found two problems. Firstly there was atleast one spring broken in the seat and the foam in the seat cushion was no longer giving any support. The two problems together meant a very uncomfortable chair.

Spring Repair and New Interior Leeds (2)

When we opened up the seat of the chair we found two springs were broken. We were able to remove the broken springs and graft in two new springs. Picture shows the coil springs which we removed. The picture above shows the new foam interior and comfort is fully restored.

Spring Repair and New Interior Leeds (3)

Location Bramhope, Leeds

Ercol Buttoned Cushions for New Foam

A previous customer called us in again, this time to replace a set of foam interiors in their Ercol suite which no longer gave the comfort or support required. The style of cushion on the Windsor suite is buttoned so once the foam was replaced the cushions needed to be rebuttoned. You can see from the image below the old interiors on the right and the new interiors back in their covers and rebuttoned on the left.

Ercol Button Cushions New Foam Supplied Meanwood (1)

Location Meanwood, Leeds.

New Foam for Leather Cushions, Bradford

The old foam offered no support in these leather cushions anymore. The customer chose a soft feel foam and we refilled them, making a massive difference in the support of the suite.

New foam interior for leather cushion during filling

Above showing the filling process. Below the finished cushions ready to go back to the customer.

New foam interior for leather cushion once filled

Location Bradford


New Foam Cushion Interiors in Leeds

The cushions had lost their support so we were able to advise on different types of foam available to get the best comfort for our customer. Each persons idea of soft and firm is different so we have samples which you can try.

New foam Interiors waiting to go in.

The new foam waiting to go into the covers and below the finished cushions. A suite is refreshed and support returned.

New foam interiors complete

Location Leeds

New Foam Interiors in Leeds

These large cushions from a sofa were originally a Dacron fill and had become very soft and offered no support.

New cushion interiors (1)

We removed the old interiors and replaced with cut to size foam pieces that you can see at the bottom of the stack below. Using a soft foam we were able to achieve the comfort our customer wanted.

New cushion interiors (2)

Location Farsley.

Ercol Studio Couch

The Ercol Studio Couch is a design classic and very much in vogue at the moment. This couple are lucky enough to have had one for many years and the cushion interiors and the webbing needed replacing. It was brought into the workshops and the webbing was replaced in the ercol manner with Pirelli webbing and templates taken of the foam.

Ercol Studio Couch After

Back home after its renovation with a recent purchase of cushions from M&S in Moon Fabrics tweeds.

Ercol Studio Couch Rewebbed After

Webbing just finished

Ercol Studio Couch with seat and back cushion foam

Showing the foam before being put into original covers.

Location Horsforth.