French Polishing Dining Table in Leeds

Dining tables often need repolishing from general wear and tear or if something has left a heat mark. Heat marks look like a white bloom on the surface. This is where the heat has caused a reaction with the lacquer causing it to turn white. We strip this back to the wood to remove the bloom and then repolish back to the original finish. Surface scratches and most knocks can be sanded out to achieve a smooth surface again.

dining-table-and-chairs-repolishing WEB

Location Leeds

French Polishing

This collection of drawers and cabinets were all part of a house renovation in Otley. Various repairs were needed to veneers where they had been damaged and they all needed repolishing. Some lovely pieces, full of character.

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Chest-of-Drawers-French-Polishing-Otley (7)-WEB Chest-of-Drawers-French-Polishing-Otley (6)-WEB Chest-of-Drawers-French-Polishing-Otley (5)-WEB Chest-of-Drawers-French-Polishing-Otley (3)-WEB Chest-of-Drawers-French-Polishing-Otley (1)-WEB

Location Otley

Chair Collection and Table for Reupholstery and Polishing in Horsforth

This great collection of old chairs from various times and construction techniques were beautifully restored. Some needed some frame work repairs and others just polishing. The fabric on the two small arm chairs was a striped damask with the velvet pipe that was used on the other chairs, two very different fabrics but they worked well on all the chairs. The table was stripped and polished back to how our customer remembers it as a child.

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Chairs-and-Table-Reupholstery-and-French-Polishing-Horsforth (1)-WEB Chairs-and-Table-Reupholstery-and-French-Polishing-Horsforth (2)-WEB Chairs-and-Table-Reupholstery-and-French-Polishing-Horsforth (3)-WEB Chairs-and-Table-Reupholstery-and-French-Polishing-Horsforth (4)-WEB

Location Horsforth



Coffee Table Repolishing Leeds

A lovely coffee table with beautiful inlay and veneer work which we repolished for our customer. In this instance the glass was ok and was removed during transport. we can replace glass panels if required due to scratches or if they get broken.

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Coffee-Table-French-Polishing-Leeds (1)WEB Coffee-Table-French-Polishing-Leeds (2)WEB

Location Leeds

Antique Sofa and 2 Rattan Armchairs Reupholstery Burley In Wharfedale

The sofa and two chairs hand been given to our customer from her mother but they needed restoring and reupholstering. The sofa has a fully sprung seat which had become lumpy. This needed to be resprung in the traditional way. The armchairs had beautiful rattan panels which had torn . The rattan over time dries out and perishes and slowly unravels. This was stripped away and the frames were also stripped and repolished. The rattan was rewoven and stained to match as before. Our customer chose a red and green fabric combination and did a contrast pipe to bring the pieces together. New seat foams for the chairs were also required. All returned to former glory, ready to be used daily again.

Antique-Suite-Rattan-Reupholstery-and-Restoration-Burley-in-Wharfedale (3)WEB     Antique-Suite-Rattan-Reupholstery-and-Restoration-Burley-in-Wharfedale (1) WEB    Antique-Suite-Rattan-Reupholstery-and-Restoration-Burley-in-Wharfedale (2)WEB   Antique-Suite-Rattan-Reupholstery-and-Restoration-Burley-in-Wharfedale (4)WEB

Location Burley In Wharfedale

Table Repolishing

This classic barley sugar leg drop leaf table needed stripping and repolishing to restore it to its former glory.

Barley-Sugar-Leg-Drop-Leaf-Table-Polishing-Leeds WEB

Location Leeds

Parker Knoll Wing Chair and Gout Stools for Reupholstery in Huby

A much loved and comfortable wing chair whose covers were ready to be replaced. They chose a pale blue green linen look to compliment the other furnishings in the room and the piece of furniture.

Parker Knoll Chair and Gout Stools for Upholstery Huby

The two gout stools below were also done to match after they were stripped and repolished. Matching arm caps and head rest as before with a new seat interior.

Parker Knoll Chair and 2 Gout Stools Reupholstery and Polishing in Huby (1)

Location Huby, North Yorkshire

Cintique Chairs Reupholstered and Polished, Rawdon, Leeds

Cintique chairs are always worth reupholstering. People who have them always find them comfortable and they feel soft yet supportive. The polished frame is always well made and stands the test of time. This frame was showing its age, exaggerated by the sun, and the customer opted to have both fully stripped and  repolished.

Cintique arm chair for reupholstery and polishing rawdon (2)

Picture showing original covers which were looking tired and worn.

Cintique arm chair for reupholstery and polishing rawdon (1)

The customer chose a boucle chenille to complement other furnishings and the wood. We replaced the seat and back foam as this was perishing with age.

Cintique Arm Chair reupholstery and polishing (2)

Close up of the polishing, back to how it originally looked

Cintique Arm Chair reupholstery and polishing (1)

Chair back home in its sunny position with customers own scatter cushion which we were matching the fabric to as this matched the curtains.

Cintique Chairs for Reuphoslery and Poliahing Rawdon (1)

Location Rawdon

Reupholstery and Polishing of Suite in Rawdon

We previously recovered this suite some 10+ years ago and the covers were tired and worn and needed replacing. The chunky wooden frame was still sound although the arms had become faded due to wear and these were repolished to freshen  up the suite. New foam interiors were also required and the customers chose a bold terracotta floral pattern which really suited the dark wood.


Sofa pictured above plus 2 arm chairs and footstool.

Location Rawdon