French Polishing

This collection of drawers and cabinets were all part of a house renovation in Otley. Various repairs were needed to veneers where they had been damaged and they all needed repolishing. Some lovely pieces, full of character.

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Chest-of-Drawers-French-Polishing-Otley (7)-WEB Chest-of-Drawers-French-Polishing-Otley (6)-WEB Chest-of-Drawers-French-Polishing-Otley (5)-WEB Chest-of-Drawers-French-Polishing-Otley (3)-WEB Chest-of-Drawers-French-Polishing-Otley (1)-WEB

Location Otley

Chair Collection and Table for Reupholstery and Polishing in Horsforth

This great collection of old chairs from various times and construction techniques were beautifully restored. Some needed some frame work repairs and others just polishing. The fabric on the two small arm chairs was a striped damask with the velvet pipe that was used on the other chairs, two very different fabrics but they worked well on all the chairs. The table was stripped and polished back to how our customer remembers it as a child.

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Chairs-and-Table-Reupholstery-and-French-Polishing-Horsforth (1)-WEB Chairs-and-Table-Reupholstery-and-French-Polishing-Horsforth (2)-WEB Chairs-and-Table-Reupholstery-and-French-Polishing-Horsforth (3)-WEB Chairs-and-Table-Reupholstery-and-French-Polishing-Horsforth (4)-WEB

Location Horsforth



Antique Sofa and 2 Rattan Armchairs Reupholstery Burley In Wharfedale

The sofa and two chairs hand been given to our customer from her mother but they needed restoring and reupholstering. The sofa has a fully sprung seat which had become lumpy. This needed to be resprung in the traditional way. The armchairs had beautiful rattan panels which had torn . The rattan over time dries out and perishes and slowly unravels. This was stripped away and the frames were also stripped and repolished. The rattan was rewoven and stained to match as before. Our customer chose a red and green fabric combination and did a contrast pipe to bring the pieces together. New seat foams for the chairs were also required. All returned to former glory, ready to be used daily again.

Antique-Suite-Rattan-Reupholstery-and-Restoration-Burley-in-Wharfedale (3)WEB     Antique-Suite-Rattan-Reupholstery-and-Restoration-Burley-in-Wharfedale (1) WEB    Antique-Suite-Rattan-Reupholstery-and-Restoration-Burley-in-Wharfedale (2)WEB   Antique-Suite-Rattan-Reupholstery-and-Restoration-Burley-in-Wharfedale (4)WEB

Location Burley In Wharfedale

1960’s Sofa Bed Restoration

This 1960’s Sofa Bed required full restoration. The frame had seen some alterations over the years, where springs once stretched between the metal frame base, we found perished Pirelli webbing fixed onto a new wooden frame which had been fixed to the metal at some point. This had worked well so we replaced the webbing and added a new barrier between them and the foam as this had been cut through by the webs. The foam was replaced on the seat and the back and we used the customers own fabric which they supplied. The mechanism was still sound and it creates a really good sofa and bed!

1960s-sofa-bed-reupholstery-Leeds (2) WEB

Location Leeds


Polished Wood Frame Suite Reupholstery

This suite was very unusual with the polished wood frame and we could see why our customers did not want to part with it. Our upholsters always like a challenge and something different to do. The fabric choices by our customer look amazing from the Eleganza II range using 4 different fabrics and trimmed with bronze renaissance studs. New interiors were required throughout. A truly stunning suite.


Location Leeds

Nursing Chair for Renovation and Recover, Ilkley

A family heirloom which was going to be handed to the next generation, it just needed a littleTLC. We stripped the seat out as this had collapsed and gave it a fresh coat of paint.

Nursing chair for refurbishment and reupholstery ilkley

The fabric for the seat is from the Pimlico range, colour chalk to keep this chair looking clean and simple. We had to restyle the seat to get a nice clean edge to achieve the best possible result.

Nursing Chair for refurbishment Ilkley (2)

Location Ilkley

Reupholstery and Restoration of Antique Sofa and Chair in North Leeds

A previous customer called us back to look at their antique sofa and chair which was in constant use in the family lounge. The frame was flexing a great deal so we knew some major frame repairs were required. The fabric was faded and worn and the seat had become lumpy.

Antique Sofa and Chair Before

The frames were stripped and sent for polishing. The close up below shows a repair to the arm joint. The joints in the back of the sofa  had come apart and required careful cleaning and rejointing. The fabric was the only thing holding the frame together in the customers home.

antique Sofa and chair after polishing (1)

When the frames were stripped it became apparent that the original wood in the chair and the sofa were different so time was spent making sure the finished colour matched.

antique Sofa and chair after polishing (4)

The springs in the chair needed to be replaced as the metal was showing signs of stress, the chair is just waiting for them to go in before the seat padding goes in.

Antique Chair waiting for new springs Horsforth

The finished sofa, repolished, frame fixed, seating springs resprung in the traditional manner using traditional materials. The customer had previously had 2 antique dining chairs reupholstered which are in the same room as the sofa and chose a fabric from the same range in a floral chenille to complement the diamond pattern of the chairs.

Antique Sofa and Chair Reupholstery and French Polishing After Horsforth Leeds (3)

The chair, back in its sunny position in the lounge window.

Antique Sofa and Chair Reupholstery and French Polishing After Horsforth Leeds (11)

Location Horsforth Leeds.


Restoration of 6 Antique Dining Chairs in Leeds

6 Beautiful White Walnut Antique Dining Chairs which we carried out full a full restoration service on.

6 Antique White Walnut Dining Chairs Restoration Before (3)

Above shows the chairs before we started, the covers were worn and had perished in places. Below shows the frames after they were stripped down and had a full French Polish to restore the original look of the walnut. Any repairs to the frames were carried out as required.

6 Antique White Walnut Dining Chairs Restoration Before (4)

Below shows the set once reupholstered. The customer chose a green from the Bramley collection which had a diamond pattern woven through.

6 Antique White Walnut Dining Chairs Restoration After  (2)

Location Leeds







Furniture Restoration – Pair Of Antique Nursing Chairs in Leeds

A pair of chairs in need of some restoration. You can see the seat area has sagged, which is a common problem with antiques. We stripped the frames ready for polishing before we renewed the reupholstery.

Pair of Antique Nursing Chairs Before 1

The customer chose fabric from the pastiche range and a complementary braid to keep the style close to the original. We reupholstered in the traditional manner to achieve a gentle dome on the seats. A wonderful pair of chairs again.

Pair of Antique Nursing chairs after (1)

Location Leeds


Antique Arm Chair in Customers Own Cover

A grand looking antique in need of reupholstery. The customer had already chosen her own cloth and we were happy to upholster in this crushed look velvet.

Antique Chair After



Antique Chair Before 1

The arms and seat were very worn and the seat had lost its shape and strength so we reupholstered the chair in the traditional manner using traditional materials.

Antique Chair Before 2

Location Leeds.