Parker Knoll Wing Chair and Gout Stools for Reupholstery in Huby

A much loved and comfortable wing chair whose covers were ready to be replaced. They chose a pale blue green linen look to compliment the other furnishings in the room and the piece of furniture.

Parker Knoll Chair and Gout Stools for Upholstery Huby

The two gout stools below were also done to match after they were stripped and repolished. Matching arm caps and head rest as before with a new seat interior.

Parker Knoll Chair and 2 Gout Stools Reupholstery and Polishing in Huby (1)

Location Huby, North Yorkshire

Upholstery of Parker Knoll Chairs in Leeds

Two fantastic Parker Knoll chairs with a lovely low arm and polished leg. The customer chose a fabric from a new range of linen look fabrics in a pale grey to make these chairs real statements.

2 Parker Knoll Chairs and footstools upholsterer leeds (3)

The two footstools were modernised by removing the braid and tying together with the self pipe on the chair cushions. New foam interiors were needed for the seats as the old ones had perished with age.

2 Parker Knoll Chairs and footstools upholsterer leeds (1)

Location Beeston Leeds

Parker Knoll Sofa Bed for Upholstery

An excellent quality sofa bed from Parker Knoll was well worth upholstering for this couple in North Leeds. The style sat well with other furniture in the room but the covers were tired. The feel of the fabric was important and they opted for duck egg from the Natura range of fabrics, a soft linen look. Although a light coloured cotton fabric we advised to buy extra material to keep incase of repairs needed in the future and of course the all important arm caps to protect the arms.

Parker Knoll Sofa Bed Upholsterer Headingly Leeds

New interiors throughout the cushions were needed. A classic shape with a modern fabric to bring this Parker Knoll up to date.

Location Headingly, Leeds

Upholstery of Parker Knoll Suite Leeds

A lovely comfortable suite situated in a conservatory needed an upholstery service to make this Parker Knoll suite look like new again. General wear and tear and UV light and faded and begun to perish the fabric. The suite was still comfortable and the style classic so was ideal to upholster in new fabrics to suit the décor.

Parker Knoll Sofa and 2 recliners After West Park (1)

A medallion fabric from the Pembrooke range was selected which complimented the carpets and the style of suite fantastically. The two recliner chairs had an oil and clean while they were stripped down and we made a set of arm caps to help prolong the life of the suite. New foam throughout the seats to give the correct support, these had become soft over the years.

Parker Knoll Sofa and 2 recliners After West Park (2)

Location West park, Leeds.


G Plan Suite and Parker Knoll Recliner Chair for Reupholstery

An excellent quality suite which the couple could not better by buying new so decided to opt for reupholstery. After a difficult time deciding on cloth they went for a new range which has a mix of colours in the weave of creams, beige and orange. The furniture gets a lot of sun so a light colour was best to reduce the visual effect of UV bleaching.

G Plan Sofa and Parker Knoll Recliner for Reupholstery Leeds  (1)

New seat cushions throughout the suite were needed.

G Plan Sofa and Parker Knoll Recliner for Reupholstery Leeds  (2)

A classic G-Plan style offering great comfort now with modern fabric to bring it up to date.

G Plan Sofa and Parker Knoll Recliner for Reupholstery Leeds  (3)

The Parker Knoll in full reclining position and footstool in the back ground.

G Plan Sofa and Parker Knoll Recliner for Reupholstery Leeds (2)

Location Alwoodly, Leeds

Parker Knoll & Unknown Manufacturer Chair

Two similar style chairs, one Parker Knoll and one unkown manufacturer which suited this couple perfectly. The wooden frames were stripped and repolished back to the original colour before the chairs were reupholstered in a terracotta boucle fabric.

Pair Of Parker Knoll Chairs After

New seat interiors were required to improve the comfort of these favourite chairs. Location Leeds

Rare Parker Knoll Chairs

With many years in the business, at first glance we were unsure if these chairs were Parker Knoll as we had never seen any before but our customers father was a designer for Parker Knoll, Robin Howland, and we were assured they were. Possibly a prototype and definitely rare. Robin Howland was one of the designers of the Parker Knoll Drop Arm Sofa, a classic design. (see image at bottom of thread)

Rare Parker Knoll Chairs After 2

The customer chose the fabric  Slub Cherry from The Harrow Range to compliment other furnishings and the style and colour of the wood. Above shows with arm caps, styled to still show the wood and below without. New seat cushion interiors were replaced.

Rare Parker Knoll Chairs After 3

The chairs in original covering showing wear areas on the arms.

Rare Parker Knoll Chairs Before 1

Location Ben Rhydding.

Parker Knoll Drop Arm Sofa

Parker Knoll Drop Arm Sofa designed by Robin Howland.

Parker Knoll Recliner


The fabric had worn away at the base of the chair and arms, the usual areas to go first. The fabric was chosen to compliment the rest of the suite and a close match was found in the Coalport range. Location Crossgates.

3 Chairs and a Stool

Our customer based in Skipton had inherited 3 lovely old chairs and footstool and wanted to keep the pieces in their modern home. They ordered samples from the website and chose 3 co-ordinating patterns from the Eleganza range and 1 from the Faremont range.


The hammock style chair above and below had a pullman style seat unit which was suspended on a metal frame and then attached to the wooden frame. The wooden frame was stripped and repolished to its original finish. The modern Eleganza Floral pattern in Blue and Chocolate creates a wonderful dramatic look.


The footstool was repolished and upholstered in the Candy Stripe from the Eleganza range and will sit well with all the chairs.

Below – Before stripping began.


This art deco style chair has a very unusal back rest, again a wonderful piece.


The fabric chosen was from the Faremont range and was in keeping with the original fabric as seen below. The frame was stripped and repolished.


This Parker Knoll chair needed some restyling as its original covers had seen many home repairs. The cushion should extend up above the back rail and is then fixed in position at the rear.


The interiors had collapsed in both the seat and back and these were replaced. The chair was, stripped, repolished and reupholstered in the Broad stripe from the Eleganza range.


A wonderful collection of chairs, all brought together by the customers choice of fabrics. Location Skipton.




Parker Knoll Wing Chair


Parker Knoll, wing chair 40 years old. footstool upholstered in customers own tapestry