Antique Sofa and 2 Rattan Armchairs Reupholstery Burley In Wharfedale

The sofa and two chairs hand been given to our customer from her mother but they needed restoring and reupholstering. The sofa has a fully sprung seat which had become lumpy. This needed to be resprung in the traditional way. The armchairs had beautiful rattan panels which had torn . The rattan over time dries out and perishes and slowly unravels. This was stripped away and the frames were also stripped and repolished. The rattan was rewoven and stained to match as before. Our customer chose a red and green fabric combination and did a contrast pipe to bring the pieces together. New seat foams for the chairs were also required. All returned to former glory, ready to be used daily again.

Antique-Suite-Rattan-Reupholstery-and-Restoration-Burley-in-Wharfedale (3)WEB     Antique-Suite-Rattan-Reupholstery-and-Restoration-Burley-in-Wharfedale (1) WEB    Antique-Suite-Rattan-Reupholstery-and-Restoration-Burley-in-Wharfedale (2)WEB   Antique-Suite-Rattan-Reupholstery-and-Restoration-Burley-in-Wharfedale (4)WEB

Location Burley In Wharfedale

Stressless Armchair for Repair, Roundhay Leeds

We recovered this chair some 10 years ago and we were called in as one of the bolts controlling the reclining mechanism was loose. We found the thread had become cross threaded on the interior fitting in the frame of the chair. We were able to replace this fitting and return the chair to a grateful owner.

Stressless arm chair for repair roundhay Leeds

Location Roundhay Leeds

Spring Repair and New Foam, Bramhope Leeds

We were called in to advise this customer as the seat was collapsing on his arm chair. A classic style suite and we found two problems. Firstly there was atleast one spring broken in the seat and the foam in the seat cushion was no longer giving any support. The two problems together meant a very uncomfortable chair.

Spring Repair and New Interior Leeds (2)

When we opened up the seat of the chair we found two springs were broken. We were able to remove the broken springs and graft in two new springs. Picture shows the coil springs which we removed. The picture above shows the new foam interior and comfort is fully restored.

Spring Repair and New Interior Leeds (3)

Location Bramhope, Leeds

Seat Repair to Fixed Leather Cushion Sofa

A really common problem which we often get called about is that after a relatively short number of years peoples cushions start to sag in an area and they lean into the middle of the sofa. It gives you back ache and is very uncomfortable.

You can see from the image below how the middle of the cushion is sagging .

Seat Repair to Fixed Leather Cushion Sofa Leeds  (2)

We have replaced the foam in this suite and used a technique to try to reduce it from happening so quickly again in the future. We also use a better grade foam which again should help with the problem.

Seat Repair to Fixed Leather Cushion Sofa Leeds  (3)

The sofa is put back together and you can see the seat is again flat, although the leather has stretched in the area. The sofa is returned with instructions to try to move around and use all the area of the foam to encourage even wear as you can not turn and swap cushions around on this style of suite.

Location Leeds

Zig Zag Spring Repair In Leeds

The picture below shows the underside of a very comfortable recliner chair our customer has had for a number of years. You can just see where the second from left spring has come adrift from its fixing and is hanging loose. The third from left spring was replaced a year ago and looks different from the rest. The customer opted for us to replace all springs and fixings to reduce the chance of another one popping in the near future. Comfort restored!


Location Cookridge, Leeds

Furniture Repair in Leeds

The underbottom of the sofa had become mildew stained and needed replacing. We took it into the workshops and stripped it down, checking all the other materials inside the sofa were not effected before replacing the underbottom with new lining.

Furniture Repair Leeds

Location Leeds

Dining Chair Repair in Otley

The backs of these two dining chairs needed to be rejointed. the joints had come away so we took the frame apart and refixed as good as new.

Dining Chair frames for rejointing repair After Otley

Location Otley

Repairs to fabric on suite

This customer absolutely loved the fabric on her suite which also had 2 sets of matching curtains at each end of her through dining and living room. She was loathed to change the fabric and wondered if we could do anything. There was a tear in a side panel of a back cushion but a more visible problem was on the lugs of the seat cushion of one of the chairs. The fabric had begun to rip.

Repairs to fabric on suite Aftre Cookridge (1)

Our only option was to strip the back panel from the sofa which thankfully was always against a wall and we just had enough to make one seat cushion which had to have 2 seams as you can see above. Below shows a blue fabric from the Pimlico range which matched in with the blue in the pattern.

Repairs to fabric on suite Aftre Cookridge (3)

No one would know unless they looked for the back panel and the seams.

Repairs to fabric on suite Aftre Cookridge (2)

Location Cookridge.




Broken Dining Chair Seat

A broken dining chair seat was brought to us for attention. The chipboard base of the seat was split and you can see how it curved when it was sat on.

Broken Dining chair seat before (2)

Broken Dining chair seat before (1)

We carefully stripped off the leather seat as this was going to be reused as it matched the rest of the set and made a new seat base (pictured below covered in underbottom fabric)

Broken Dining Chair now Fixed (2)

The leather was reupholstered back onto the seat and the chair is ready to go back to the rest of the set. This repair saved our customers having to replace the rest of the dining suite.

Broken Dining Chair now Fixed (1)

Location Leeds.

Tapestry Table/Firescreen

A beautiful piece of tapestry made by our customer which she had mounted under glass as a table and fire screen. The beading around the glass had been damaged over the years and the wood work needed a general tidy up.

Tapestry Table and Fireguard After

We made a new piece of beading for the damaged edge to match the others and repolished the whole table to breath new life into the piece. Location Thackley, Bradford.