Ercol Round Drop Leaf Table

A timeless piece by Ercol needed re-polishing after some water damage and general wear and tear and made the wood dull and aged as you can see on the image below.

Ercol Round Drop Leaf Table Before 2

After the table was repolished the colour had come through very orange, and being Ercol lovers ourselves we knew this was not right. We stripped the table again and got it back to the original colour. When we delivered the table back to our customer we explained what had happened. She said the table had been polished some years previously by someone else and had come back too orange. This stain had come back through when we did our first repolish so we were very pleased we were able to get it back to the true Ercol finish she originally had when it was first purchased.

Ercol Round Drop Leaf Table After 1

Location Horsforth