Foam, Fibre and Feather Cushions

Over time the interiors of cushions become compressed and are no longer comfortable. Replacing the interiors is an excellent way of rejuvenating your sofa and chairs.

Different interiors behave and feel different. Foam offers more support and returns to its original shape and slowly over time this softens.

Fibre compresses more quickly and doesn’t return to its original shape, giving a floppy look to your seat cushions. People often like this feel if they curl up on their sofa and make a ‘nest’ to get comfortable. The original shape can come back if the cushions are fluffed up regularly but eventually the filling compresses.

Feather cushions give a very soft feeling and need re-fluffing daily to keep the shape and again suited to those who like a ‘nest’. These are more suitable to furniture with a fully sprung base.

We use the best quality interiors and use local stockists who make all our cushions to size. If you would like some advice and a quote please get in touch by phone or on our contact page.

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